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                        What is new in 2016?

On Saturday April 16 we once again competed in the Dyersville Karate Club Tournament in Dyersville.  The students did a great job, bringing home 22 trophies, including Jessica Heffner winning Grand Champion forms.  Congratulations to all of you - we are very proud of you!  See photos at the bottom of the page. 

Starting on Saturday, April 2nd, we will have classes in Iowa Falls.  These will be held from 9:00-9:45AM for White to Yellow Belt youth, and from 9:45-10:30AM for Blue Belts and up, all ages.  Everyone is welcome! Contact Shihan if you have any questions.

We have several Black Belt students that will graduate this year.  We want to congratulate them and wish them well with all of their future plans.  Below are photos of some of the students.

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The following students are Black Belts in Training:

McCallaster Foley
Erin Brunsen
Bejamin Reinke  
William Gehris
Kael Bowden
Tanner Mallinger
Colin Seeks
Jacob Kruse

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